Scholarship Overview

The Dr. Patti Flint Women in Science Scholarship was designed specifically to support Arizona women pursuing education in the hard sciences, a traditionally male-dominated field. Women interested in pursuing a career in medicine or natural science, and who live and plan to attend school in Arizona, are welcome to apply for the $5,000 scholarship.

The scholarship award is to be used toward tuition and educational expenses, including but not limited to: textbooks, supplies (paper, pens, notebooks, etc.), required technology, on-campus dining, housing, and transportation costs.

The scholarship award will be disbursed directly to the student in the form of a cash prize. The selected student will be required to furnish information necessary to issue a 1099 tax form, including social security number, as part of the process for dispersing scholarship monies.

Student will be responsible for any resulting tax obligations.


Eligibility Requirements

The Dr. Patti Flint Women in Science Scholarship is open to female Arizona residents pursuing education in medicine or natural science at an Arizona higher education institution who meet the following criteria:
● Applicant must be a female Arizona resident intending to pursue education at an Arizona
community college, vocational or trade school, or university.
● Applicant must be planning to pursue a degree in medicine or natural science in the
qualifying planned degree or vocational paths defined below.
● Applicant may be either traditional or nontraditional—open to high school seniors,
actively enrolled college students, or women planning on returning to school.
● Applicant must provide accurate and up-to-date information in response to personal and
contact information questionnaire.
● Applicant must submit one letter of recommendation with valid contact information.
● Applicant must submit completed essay questions containing original content. Plagiarism
will disqualify applicant.

Qualifying Planned Degree or Vocational Paths

Eligible applicants must be pursuing a degree or career in hard science, defined herewithin as natural or medical sciences branched under following categories:

Healthcare • Pharmacology • Medicine • Biology • Physics • Chemistry

All application materials must be submitted by 6PM MST on May 6th, 2024.

Winner Announced on  May 30th, 2024